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We invest in our staff

We invest in you so you can invest in the people you support. This is why we provide our staff with some of the best training around.

Our training starts with your invite to our Welcome Day, this is your introduction to Beyond Limits, followed by your comprehensive induction. We then provide training throughout the year which involves leadership and skills and development training. We do this because we don’t want you to feel stuck, to stop learning new skills, we want you keep developing, both personally and professionally, as we know that if our staff are developing, then the people we support are developing too.

Our trainers include

Phil Roycroft, winner of the William Weisz Award.

Phil is the Director of Terra Nova. He has built a reputation for the design and delivery of innovative development programmes across the private, public and voluntary sectors. He is a skilled coach, facilitator and consultant with a creative and positive approach. He has a degree in Fine Art, CIPD membership, and is a ‘Solution Focused Counselling’ practitioner. Phil won the Willam Weisz Award for training excellence from Motorola, and is a Yacht Master, having recently sailed the Atlantic single handed. Phil offers mentoring and coaching to keep us all developing.

Judith North, Managing Director at Orenda.

Judith has worked in social care since 1986 and she has a long history with Beyond Limits. She has been involved in working with people in long stay hospitals and residential care but more recently she set up Orenda and she provides training to Beyond Limits which includes, Leadership, coaching and mentoring, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience. She is brilliant at understanding people with Autism and she recently supported Beyond Limits to develop our very own in house autism training.

Lou Close, freelance consultant working in Adult Social Care.

Lou has been working in social care for the last 20 years and recently became a freelance consultant specialising in the Personalisation Agenda. She has a keen interest in the implementation of person-centred working and in particular self-directed support. She has worked with the Scottish Government and a number of Scottish Local Authorities as a “critical friend” evaluating several projects. She has also worked with Hampshire County Council around quality assurance in the personalised world of social care.

Lou is a great supporter of the work of Beyond Limits and works closely with our teams of staff providing coaching and mentoring around working to become more autonomous teams. Lou has also been involved in facilitating the annual retreat for our senior leaders.

What people say…

Beyond Limits really is a great place to work. This is why we handed this section to the people and families we work with and our staff, we thought you would like to hear it directly from them about their experiences of working with us.

What our staff say

“He used to spend large amounts of his time sat on the sofa, now he’s out doing stuff. He’s the bravest guy I know.”

Hamish O’Brien, Team Leader.

“Two guarantees, no day is the same and making a difference to someone’s life will make you feel happy inside”

Darren Simmons, Support Worker.

What the people we support say

“My mum always used to worry about me because its not very nice been institutionalised in hospitals because you want to have your own life and your own freedom, my mum isnt worried about me so much at the moment the whole time Ive been with BL my mum stopped worrying and basically Ive got my confidence and independence back”.


What Families say

“Beyond Limits is breaking the mould, you have given my daughter her life back”

Michelle Beattie.

“Thanks so much for changing all our lives but mostly for H, she is unrecognisable now”

Sue Addy.

What we say

“we want staff to be expert in the person, we don’t need staff to be an expert in learning disabiities or mental health or physical disabilities, we need staff who can grow and be an expert in the person they are supporting and understand that whatever issue that person is dealing with how that affects them and their life”