We have our Restraint Reduction membership!

Beyond Limits are delighted to have had our pledge approved and accepted by the Restraint Reduction network. We understand that supporting people, especially those individuals who at times may present behaviours that cause concern, requires a commitment to place people at the centre of everything we do.

Restraint Reduction network logo

We vow to continue our work in this regard with people and their families and work with their best interests. Restrictive practice will only be used as a last resort, in an emergency to maintain safety and in circumstances where there is immediate or imminent harm and where alternatives cannot be used or have failed.

Under no circumstances…

Under no circumstances will any restrictive practice which is considered degrading or abusive ever be used and restrictive practices will not be used to enforce rules or to punish or coerce. We will continue our work, supporting people to be all they can be, having lives that make sense for them, free from restrictions and institutional living.

To learn more about the Restraint Reduction Network and their work, visit their website: www.restraintreductionnetwork.org