Ricky’s story has made it into a podcast!

PBS Matters is a podcast from The PBS Special Interest Group. This is a group that brings together practitioners, educators, researchers and students interested in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). PBS are part of the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis.

Hamish O’Brien and Georgia Mitchell are the PBS leads for Beyond Limits and they attended a Positive Behaviour Support conference where they came across Paddy Behan who was presenting at the conference. They got chatting and inevitably the conversation turned to the work they have done with Ricky. Their work epitomises PBS (getting people a good life) and Paddy invited them, along with Ricky’s Nan, Carol, to go on the show and tell Ricky’s story.

Follow this link to listen to the podcast or search for PBS Matters in your favourite podcast player.

For more information about PBS Matters visit their website.