Chantelle goes Beyond the Limits

Chantelle has been working in the Lounge in Torquay for 2 years. The Lounge is a community café which provides support to people who are homeless.

Chantelle volunteers as a waitress, she also helps in the kitchen and enjoys talking to the customers. Chantelle received an award recently in the category of Going Above and Beyond in a volunteering role from the local Council.

On Friday 3rd June Chantelle attended the Jubilee party in Torquay and she was given her award by the Lord Mayor, she received a £15.00 voucher. Chantelle has a very good work ethic, she is never late or ill and she has made lots of friends through her volunteering. Well Done Chantelle, keep up the good work, your team is very proud of you.

Chantelle standing in a summer dress under an arch of red, white and blue balloons.