Beyond Limits is a partner in the Small Supports programme

Beyond Limits has joined C-Change, NDTi, Positive Support for You and the Local Government Association to help develop and promote the Small Supports programme. The programme is generously supported by NHS England.

Visit the Small Supports page on the NDTi website

We are working with local areas to help them create the best environment for small supports to emerge and flourish and with existing and emerging small supports organisations to develop and share great ways of working. The partners are not seeking to establish or grow their own support activity.

Below is some background information about Small Supports

What are Small Supports?

Small Supports organisations have a lot in common. Small Supports organisations share nine key characteristics.

Background to Small Supports Activity

Small Supports activity is about thinking and working with people with learning disabilities and/or autism who have ‘hefty reputations’ (to borrow a phrase to describe people who are burdened by the reputations they have been given because of behaviours, reactions, support requirements and large funding packages).

Small Supports Networks

There are a couple of networks associated with our Small Supports programme: one for providers and another for commissioners.