Cooking together – Cheese Flan recipe by Lara

While we are all staying safe by staying  home, let’s do some cooking together.

Every week until the Corona Virus emergency is over, we are going to share an easy recipe for us all to try cooking. We’d love it if you shared a photo of what you cook with everyone on Facebook. Each recipe has What you need and What you do, click on the photo below and print the recipe to use as a shopping list. BIG thanks to Lara and KeyRing for letting us use their tried and tested Easy Recipes. Cooking at home can be fun, tasty and filling!

Recipe for Cheese Flan by Lara from KeyRing


Beyond Limits launches new Recommend a Friend scheme

Today we launched our new App to help make referring your friends to us easier.

Care Friends is a new scheme which will help you share jobs on social media, WhatsApp and via simple text messages and you will earn points as you do.

Currently you only secure the award once the person you have recommended is employed by us, under this new scheme you will earn points at various stages, including points for just sharing the job.

You will be able to turn points into cash when you’ve reached the set amount. When you cash points in they will be added to your salary. So, if you love your work and love your friends, bring the two together with the CareFriends App and start referring, the more you refer, the more you earn.

Ian makes an Easter cake

Ian and his team made a delicious looking Easter cake for Easter Friday.

Watch the video below to see how he made it. We’ve got a feeling there won’t be any left when the Government’s Social distancing ends.

Ian looks pretty pleased with the finished cake!
Ian sitting at a table with his finished cake on a silver paper tray.

Stay safe from flu this winter with a flu jab

This is not a normal year!  We all want to protect ourselves and those close to us. This year, the double dangers of flu and COVID-19 mean it’s especially important to protect ourselves from the flu.

The flu virus spreads from person-to-person and as frontline workers, you are at an increased risk of contracting flu. Sometimes you can get flu without symptoms which makes it very easy for you to pass it on without knowing.

There’s lots of myths about flu and the flu vaccination which is why we have put together a page of Frequently Asked Questions.

Even if we are healthy, we can still get flu and spread it to the people we care about and care for. Getting a flu jab is easy, you can access it through your GP, a practice nurse or your local pharmacy. It is free to all frontline workers, just be sure to take your ID badge with you.

The NHS and Lloyds Pharmacy websites have more information about the vaccination:

Darren Simmons, a support worker at Beyond Limits

Life as a support worker

This article was written by Darren based on his experience of working as a support worker. Darren is currently working as a support worker for Beyond Limits.

How good are you at helping others?

If your friends are upset at stupid o clock in the morning, are you the first person they call? If you like helping others and love the thought of making a difference to a complete stranger’s life, then consider a career as a support worker.

What will you be doing?

The role of a support worker is exactly what it says on the tin. You provide support to individuals and their families who need help, both emotionally and practically, so they can live a happy, independent life.

The finer details…

A support worker role involves working with vulnerable people in different ways. You could be helping people who have mental health problems, learning difficulties, disabilities, recovering addicts, young offenders, those struggling with relationships… it could literally be anything.

No day will be the same. Some people may need emotional support to get them through a difficult time, while others will need a more hands-on approach. It’s your job to analyse their needs and help draw up a plan that’s unique to them.

The good points…

Put simply, you’ll make a genuine difference to people’s lives, which is guaranteed to make you feel all happy inside.

Nobody wants to be stuck in a dead-end job doing 9-5 until they retire, after all. Where’s the fun in that?

Working as a support worker gives you the opportunity to progress, from moving up the career ladder to earning more qualifications. If you get enough experience and study hard to earn a vocational qualification or a degree and you could move up to a senior or managerial role.

…and the bad

Your working hours are often split into shifts and on call hours to ensure there is all day support. This can include evenings and weekends, so there’s no time to be a lazy bones.

Is there study involved?

If grades were never your strong point at school, don’t stress, it won’t affect your chances of being a support worker. What matters most in this job is a passion for helping people and some life experience. Any past experience you have working in a health or support role is also good. You’ll need to show you can help people with a variety of issues and requirements, and that you’ll always remain supportive,

OK, I’m interested… But is it really the job for me?

This job involves helping others, not being judgemental about a situation, and providing support to change lives. It can be difficult so you’ll not only need skills but also patience, compassion and understanding. Basically, if you’re self-obsessed and don’t like dealing with people, this is not the job for you.

Ideal for those of you that don’t want to work a 9-5 repetitive job, some of the things you may be expected to do include:

Being a good listener – A good cup of tea and a hug can do wonders, but in this job you have to really listen, and listen well. One of the most important tasks is simply being there, and listening is a huge part of the job.

Doing chores – Sounds like a simple job but doing chores around the house can be a massive help. You could do cooking, cleaning, shopping as well as helping to pay bills.

Helping people live independently – Teaching life skills and helping people live an ordinary life will be one of your main goals as a support worker. From teaching people how to budget money and getting them involved with the community to getting them suitable housing that accommodates their needs, you’ll be there along the way to help with it all.

Family ties – You won’t just be helping vulnerable people, you’ll also be helping the people that can be forgotten; the families. Some may struggle with their relative’s issues, or they may just need a helping hand caring for them. Whatever their need, you’ll need to support them just as much.

If you are interested in working for Beyond Limits take a look at our current vacancies.

Being a Support Worker “truly positive and life changing”

This article has been written by Louise Johns who has worked as a support worker for Beyond Limits for just over 3 years.

Before I became a support worker I was a full-time mum committed and dedicated to my family. Throughout the years being a mother, life has been difficult. Two of my children have learning disabilities as well as other medical issues.

As a mother I have had to fight for my daughters’ rights and support and help them to become the people they are today. I made my mind up that I wanted to become a support worker to help others achieve their goals and ambitions. My daughter had people with negative views telling her she wouldn’t be able to achieve the goals that she had set for herself.  I am proud to say my daughter has successfully reached her goal and is now working as a child care practitioner.

From my own life experiences, I found that I had a desire and determination to want to help others and Beyond Limits gave me that opportunity. They did not judge me; Beyond limits took a chance on me they gave me training and supported me throughout. It has been really lovely as I felt very at home. I came to realise that Beyond Limits is just one big happy family and I was delighted to be part of the team.

With Beyond Limits I have learnt so much

I have met new friends, and have a better understanding of everything.  Every day is very different as a support worker but extremely rewarding at the same time. Making such a significant difference to people’s lives is exceptionally important to me and I love supporting people to enable them to live independently. We support people to enjoy a very active social life and we all come together to discuss future plans, job & career opportunities for those people. It can be very exciting.

Beyond Limits give people great opportunities to progress, ensure that people have relevant training and development opportunities.

Being a support worker and supporting people to find their independence is by far the best job in the world. Seeing people’s faces light up when they talk to me about their day is the most meaningful part of the job for me.

Working with Beyond Limits has been truly positive and life changing.

By Louise Johns Support Worker