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What people say about Beyond Limits

We really value all the feedback we receive. Below is a mix of feedback from the people we support, family members, staff and professionals.

If you have feed back about any aspect of our work please get in touch.

“Thank you from our hearts”.

Michelle, Jim and family, Family members

“You’re the best thing to happen to Lucy and the family, many thanks”.

Zara, Family member

“Being included and listened to is something very special. Your Family Charter does what it says on the tin. Hands up to Beyond Limits for your far reaching views”.

Trisha Searle, Family member

“Beyond Limits is breaking the mould and is brave for writing the Family Charter. The proof of the pudding is that it works. You have given my daughter her life back. Communication is key. Thank you”.

Michelle Beattie, Family member

“Two guarantees, no day is the same at Beyond Limits and making a difference to someone’s life will make you feel happy inside”

Darren Simmons, Support Worker.

“My mum always used to worry about me because its not very nice been institutionalised in hospitals because you want to have your own life and your own freedom, my mum isnt worried about me so much at the moment the whole time Ive been with BL my mum stopped worrying and basically Ive got my confidence and independence back”.

Hannah, Supported by Beyond Limits