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Driving Up Quality

Beyond Limits is committed to the “Driving Up Quality” code, we are an organisation which has the people we support at the centre of everything we do. We strive to support people to grow and attain ordinary lives towards achieving what Simon Duffy from the Centre for Welfare Reform calls “the keys to citizenship” (2014).

We are constantly looking to spread the word and share our way of working and learning with other organisations in the hope that we can “change the face of services forever”.

We will seek to uphold the fundamental elements of the code and will work in a way that demonstrates the following:

  1. We will deliver support that is focussed on the person
  2. We will support the person to have an ordinary life, that is, a life that makes sense for them
  3. We will provide support that focuses on the person being fulfilled and having a good quality life
  4. We will seek to promote a good organisational culture
  5. We will support each other to run and lead the organisation well and we will promote leadership in every area of our organisation

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