How to deal with cold callers

Keeping you safe in your home.

What is a cold caller

A cold caller is someone who comes to your door that you are not expecting. They can be men or women.
They will try to sell you something that you do not want or need.
Cold callers will be polite at first and will seem friendly. They might ask you how you are.
Do not give your personal details out to strangers on your door.
If in doubt keep them out!

Opening your door safely

When someone comes to your door it is important to remember the following things:
Look through a spyhole or window to see who is there.
Hold the bold as you open the door or put a chain across the door before you open it.
Always ask for I.D if you do not know the person.
Do not say you are alone.
Close the door if you are unsure or unhappy.

If cold callers become a worry or nuisance:

You can go into your local police station and show your safe place card.
You can tell your local PCSO.
You can dial 999 if you are threatened or abused.
You can phone 101 if they have left but you are upset.
With thanks to Dawn from the Crownhill Comms Room and Plymouth People First who worked with Devon and Cornwall Police to produce this information.