Female Health: Breast Awareness

When you are age 50 you will be offered Breast Screening appointments every 3 years.

This page helps you make sure your breasts are healthy.
You need to know what is normal for you, how your breasts look and feel.

Below are the changes you should look out for

These pictures have been taken from a great website about women’s health called The Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Any changes in size or shape.
A change in skin texture such as dimpling or puckering.
Any lumps or a lumpy area • which may not be visible but which can be felt.
Any change to the nipple in appearance or direction.
A discharge from one or both nipples or any rash or crusting of the nipple or surrounding area.
Any pain or swelling in the breast area, armpit or collarbone.

What to do if you find something NEW

If you are checking yourself and you find something that wasn’t there before, arrange to see a doctor.

Arrange to see your doctor or community nurse. They will know what to do.

Ask a Pratice Nurse

You can ask your Practice Nurse to help you become breast aware and ask for a Breast Awareness Leaflet for visual help in how you check your breasts.


If you need extra support to prepare for a breast screening appointment, you can contact The Learning Disability Community Nurse Team on Telephone: 08451558077

Breast pictures from Pictures from Pink Ribbon Foundation. Other information produced by FAIR in association with Community Nurses for People with Learning Disabilities, Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust.