Stay safe from flu this winter with a flu jab

This is not a normal year!  We all want to protect ourselves and those close to us. This year, the double dangers of flu and COVID-19 mean it’s especially important to protect ourselves from the flu.

The flu virus spreads from person-to-person and as frontline workers, you are at an increased risk of contracting flu. Sometimes you can get flu without symptoms which makes it very easy for you to pass it on without knowing.

There’s lots of myths about flu and the flu vaccination which is why we have put together a page of Frequently Asked Questions.

Even if we are healthy, we can still get flu and spread it to the people we care about and care for. Getting a flu jab is easy, you can access it through your GP, a practice nurse or your local pharmacy. It is free to all frontline workers, just be sure to take your ID badge with you.

The NHS and Lloyds Pharmacy websites have more information about the vaccination: