Being a Support Worker “truly positive and life changing”

This article has been written by Louise Johns who has worked as a support worker for Beyond Limits for just over 3 years.

Before I became a support worker I was a full-time mum committed and dedicated to my family. Throughout the years being a mother, life has been difficult. Two of my children have learning disabilities as well as other medical issues.

As a mother I have had to fight for my daughters’ rights and support and help them to become the people they are today. I made my mind up that I wanted to become a support worker to help others achieve their goals and ambitions. My daughter had people with negative views telling her she wouldn’t be able to achieve the goals that she had set for herself.  I am proud to say my daughter has successfully reached her goal and is now working as a child care practitioner.

From my own life experiences, I found that I had a desire and determination to want to help others and Beyond Limits gave me that opportunity. They did not judge me; Beyond limits took a chance on me they gave me training and supported me throughout. It has been really lovely as I felt very at home. I came to realise that Beyond Limits is just one big happy family and I was delighted to be part of the team.

With Beyond Limits I have learnt so much

I have met new friends, and have a better understanding of everything.  Every day is very different as a support worker but extremely rewarding at the same time. Making such a significant difference to people’s lives is exceptionally important to me and I love supporting people to enable them to live independently. We support people to enjoy a very active social life and we all come together to discuss future plans, job & career opportunities for those people. It can be very exciting.

Beyond Limits give people great opportunities to progress, ensure that people have relevant training and development opportunities.

Being a support worker and supporting people to find their independence is by far the best job in the world. Seeing people’s faces light up when they talk to me about their day is the most meaningful part of the job for me.

Working with Beyond Limits has been truly positive and life changing.

By Louise Johns Support Worker