Gloriously Ordinary Lives

Gloriously Ordinary Lives: Challenging us to see support through a different lens and – using the four tests – consider what would it take for everyone to have Gloriously Ordinary Lives.

The Four Tests for creating Gloriously Ordinary Lives, are not a checklist or a process. The tests are simply a lens through which to view any support we consider for a person or their family.

If you apply the Gloriously Ordinary Lives lens to the support you get or offer – what does it show? What does it tell you? How far from Gloriously Ordinary is it and what would it take to get there?

Gloriously Ordinary Lives launched earlier in October, but it is far from being a new concept for founder, Tricia Nicoll. Tricia has been using the idea of something being ‘gloriously ordinary’ for over 10 years when supporting her two, now adult, kids. Telling people repeatedly that she wanted things for her kids to be ordinary – ‘gloriously ordinary’, she found that this resonated with others too.

Now, Gloriously Ordinary Lives is really coming to life! Tricia is launching a training programme as an introduction to Gloriously Ordinary Lives. Initially, the training will be offered to organisations who offer direct support to people and who are in a strong position to enable people getting Gloriously Ordinary Lives. The training will be offered to people who draw on support or who support someone directly – from families to local councils, and beyond.

After the training, people will:

  • Understand the concept of Gloriously Ordinary Lives
  • Be able to give examples of how the Four Tests work
  • Have some clear plans for how to move towards more Gloriously Ordinary Lives